Aluminum Railings
Premier Line
Hand and Step Railings are not only great
for safety reasons, they lend a decorative
touch to any home!  Made from heavy duty
aluminum, they are maintenance free and
will not rust or chip.
Our most popular style is the Premier Line

Both are made of aluminum but the pickets on the SR1 rail are
1/2" and the Premier line the pickets are 1".

Other differences with these two types of rail is how they
look. With the Premier rail, the screws are hidden where as
with the SR1 they are not. And the top rail (where you place
your hand) is smooth on the Premier, while on the SR1 it is
picket 1"
Hand or "Straight" Rail
Step or "Angled" Rail
Railing is powder coated and available in:
Black, White, Sandstone and Bronze