About Us
Our first location in 1962 was on Harper between 9 and 10 Mile Road (a few doors down from
The Country Dairy) until we moved to our current location in 1984.
Even though we are family owned and operated, anyone who worked for T&M became part of our
family! Good thing Marty and Joyce had 5 children and 8 grandchildren.
Martin and Joyce Drumb
Even when Martin became ill, he still came to the shop every chance he could. He loved to talk
to customers and help in anyway possible.  Martin may be gone but his presence will always be
at T&M.  We are still family owned and operated and will be continuing the business with the
same work ethnic and integrity that he taught us.
the company and took care of the customers and work but Joyce ran the office, did the
bookkeeping and kept us all supplied with snacks!  Together they created a strong
foundation that T&M is built on.
Martin, David, Danny and Marty

Throughout the years, each of the brothers have contributed to T&M with their unique skills and
talents, helping in keeping our doors open even in the worst of economic times.